Keep your egg shells, coffee grounds, and table scraps for your beautiful garden with Norpro’s Floral Compost Keeper! This 3qt container is crafted with durable ceramic and includes an odor-eliminating filter until the food is ready to provide soil-enriching nutrients. The floral design makes the container charming enough to store in convenient locations, such as countertops or patios. Norpro’s Floral Compost Keeper is perfect for making sure your flowers and vegetables grow strong and healthy!Norpro Floral Compost Keeper (3QT) Features: Stores compost until it’s ready to nurture the garden Stainless steel handles provide easy lifting and carrying Crafted with durable ceramic and beautiful white glaze Includes charcoal-free, odor-preventing filter in the lid Filter is optional and can be replaced Dimensions: 10″ x 7″ x 7″ Capacity: 3QT (2.9L) Item # 83-NORPRO


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