Starwest Botanicals – Kelp Powder Organic – 1 lb.Starwest Botanicals Kelp Powder Organic is Certified Kosher and USDA Organic. Starwest Botanicals Kelp Powder Organic is available in a one pound bag. Kelp is a sea vegetable that is a concentrated source of minerals, including iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Kelp as a source of iodine assists in making thyroid hormones, which are necessary for maintaining normal metabolism in all cells of the body. Botanical Name: Ascophyllum nodosum Origin: Canada Common Names: Knotted Wrak, Egg WrakStatement of QualitySuperior quality has always been the goal at Starwest Botanicals. To fulfill customers’ expectations for high quality products, Starwest continues to upgrade its quality control facilities and processes. With their modern equipment and professional personnel, they have made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality.CommitmentStarwest is dedicated to providing the freshest and purest botanicals. They strive to offer only those herbs and spices with verified quality. All of their products emerge from the combined efforts of everyone at Starwest – from their expert purchasers, to experienced lab technicians and machine operators, to their service-oriented, knowledgeable sales staff.Purchasing ExpertiseStarwest quality begins with the knowledge and experience of their raw material suppliers from around the world. They purchase herbs and spices from domestic growers and import them from over 20 countries. Direct purchasing ensures that the integrity of their products is consistent and the finest quality available. Their buyers are botanical and herb experts who work closely with their quality control staff, before and after the products arrive, to continually monitor their raw materials. They audit all suppliers yearly to assure they meet their GMP requirements.Controlled ProcessingStarwest’s integrated, modern milling, blending, and packaging facilities give them total control in providing the correct particle size for cut and powdered herbs (see below for a description of plant parts and product forms). Thorough inspection and cleaning during the milling process insures that the finished product will meet their stringent specifications for quality and cleanliness. At each stage of production, their quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.Laboratory AnalysisTheir professional staff continuously monitors product quality to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Retained samples from all shipments are thoroughly tested and compared to their extensive reference library of dried herbs and botanicals to verify authenticity. All lot samples are kept for five years and can be traced for verification.Starwest utilizes not only their in-house laboratory, but also independent labs and consultants to guarantee their analyses are complete. Testing includes organoleptic analysis for aroma, color, flavor and texture. Physical testing involves moisture, volatile oil content, heavy metals, microbiology, thin layer chromatography, and other tests specific to each herb.Independent AuditingStarwest?s facility is inspected annually for good manufacturing practices by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), from whom they recently received a score of ?Superior.?Starwest Botanicals Quality ControlAt Starwest their first priority is quality. To support their customers? expectations for high quality products, Starwest continues to expand its quality control laboratory and processes. With their high-tech laboratory equipment and experienced Quality Assurance team, Starwest has made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality. They believe that quality begins with the knowledge and experience of their raw material suppliers and continues through the production process to the shipment of the finished goods to the customer.In-House Quality Control LaboratoryStarwest maintains a modern, in-house laboratory staffed by experienced professionals. They provide a complete product analysis, quickly and efficiently, with validated analytical procedures and state of the art equipment.Starwest’s validated quality assurance testing includes: Organoleptic testing to ensure proper appearance, color, aroma and flavor. ? Microscopic and Macroscopic inspection for foreign matter. HPTLC for identification, to verify purity and authenticity. ICP-MS heavy metal analysis. Microbiology testing for pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella. Chemical analyses for moisture content, volatile oil, ash and acid insoluble ash.


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