Liddell Laboratories?Detox?EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation)?- 1 fl. oz. (30 mL)Liddell Laboratories?Detox EMF detoxifies the body and temporarily relieves symptoms of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. EMF counteracts the ill effects of radiation from computers, cell phones, television sets, power lines, household appliances, etc. Detox EMF restores mental and physical vitality, as well as clears the mind, relieves nausea and irritability. This homeopathic remedy detoxifies the body by stimulating the principal organs of elimination: the liver, kidneys, and bladder. It helps treat symptoms such as: Recurring fatigue Disturbed sleep Frequent headaches Mental confusion? Nausea detox Homeopathic Remedies for DetoxToday, none of us can escape the side effects of civilization. Our lungs are poisoned by air pollution. Our well-being is threatened by immediate and delayed reactions to chemicals and vaccinations. Our brains and bodies are assailed by EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation and corrupted by the long-term build-up of metal residues.For safe, effective relief, Liddell Laboratories has introduced a series of homeopathic DETOX medicines. These exclusive formulas have been developed by an extraordinary homoeopathic physician specifically to antidote the side effects of civilization. These homeopathic medicines work to help complete the body?s process of detoxification by stimulating the principle organs of elimination and by strengthening immunity.Frequently Asked Questions:Are Liddell Products Doctor Formulated?Yes, all Liddell products are formulated by an extraordinary homeopathic doctor who has been using these formulas successfully in his practice for 25 years.?Liddell’s doctor attended medical school in Italy and homeopathic school in Germany.How Do Liddell’s Homeopathic Products Work?While Liddell products employ homeopathy’s traditional principals of like-cures- like (for symptom relief) and small doses (to avoid negative side effects), they go much further by also including ingredients to assist the body with detoxification, organ function, immunity and metabolism. For these reasons Liddell products are holistic and often have more ingredients than other products.Are Liddell products preserved naturally?Yes, Liddell homeopathic products are preserved with organic corn alcohol. This insures against the possibility of genetically modified ingredients and eliminates any potential allergic responses to wheat.What Does the X or C Mean Next to Each Active Ingredient?In homeopathy, a number in front of the letters X or C designates the potency of ingredients. The letter X indicates that an ingredient has undergone a 1 to 10 dilution and the letter C indicates a 1 to 100 dilution.Should I expect any negative side effects when taking Liddell remedies?No, you should experience no negative side effects. However, if your body reacts very quickly to a particular remedy, it is possible to feel some signs of slight discomfort. This is a positive indication that the remedy is working. Should this occur, simply reduce the number of sprays in half. The dosage can then be increased to normal after 3 to 4 days.Are Homeopathic remedies safe for children?Yes, homeopathic remedies are almost invariably safer than their allopathic counterparts. However, some Liddell products are intended for adults only. Please be sure to read product “Directions” and “Warnings” for specific information.Is it OK for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers to use Liddell products?Even though?Liddell’s products have no known side effects or contraindications, a pregnant or breast-feeding mother should always confer with her physician prior to taking ANY medicine, including medicines by Liddell. After conferring with their doctor, many pregnant or breast-feeding mothers choose to take our products because of their efficacy and gentle safety. For these mothers, we have one additional caveat: Our doctor does not recommend that a pregnant or breast-feeding mother take our four hormone rebalancing products (Vit?l HGH?, Vit?l II?, Female Sexual Energy, PMS). During pregnancy and breast-feeding, a mother’s hormones will fluctuate quite widely as a natural part of the process. Our doctor does not feel that the hormone output of the mother should be modulated during this important time.Is Liddell a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer?Yes, Liddell is a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer and a FDA Registered Vitamin (Food) Manufacturer. All of?their products are FDA regulated with Liddell meeting or exceeding all FDA Guidelines for Good Manufacturing. All of?their products undergo a rigorous testing regimen prior to release for sale.Why are Liddell products subject to comprehensive regulation by the FDA?The FDA recognizes Liddell homeopathic products as medicines able to relieve symptoms and to address underlying health conditions. Because?the products are medicines, the FDA maintains full oversight over Liddell’s formulations, manufacturing procedures, product claims and labeling. Liddell has received a National Drug Code Number from the FDA for each of its homeopathic products.Is it safe to take several Liddell remedies together?Yes, it is safe and effective to combine two or more remedies either by spraying them under the tongue, one after the other, or by spraying them all in a glass containing an ounce or two of water or juice, then swallowing.Is it safe to mix Liddell remedies with other natural medicines or allopathic drugs?Yes, it is safe. In most cases, neither the effectiveness of the Liddell remedy or other medicines or natural products will be adversely affected.Can an overdose occur with Liddell products?No, if symptoms are severe, you can take a full dose of your remedy as often as every 15 minutes until the severe symptoms subside.How soon will the products start taking effect?All products begin working immediately, though the body may not feel the effects right away. Please be guided by the information listed on the product packaging.Liddell Laboratories StoryLiddell Laboratories has a caring passion for the value of human life, which has motivated Liddell to become an agent of change. Their aim has always been to empower people with the knowledge necessary to better control their own health and to provide important therapy options that help people avoid the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs.Founded by Randy and Barbara Powers in 1994, Liddell’s company vision is the result of Barbara’s use of homeopathic medicines to help her recover from leukemia. The same doctor who helped heal Barbara formulates all of Liddell’s medicines. His 25 years of clinical work with these medicines have helped heal thousands of patients from a wide range of conditions.Liddell Laboratories is a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer and a FDA Registered Vitamin (Food) Manufacturer. They are known for the introduction of the effective oral spray delivery method for liquid homeopathy and for the introduction of the first homeopathic hormone rebalancing medicines to relieve or temporarily relieve symptoms of premature aging.Liddell’s development of Neohomeopathy? has significantly expanded the traditional concepts of homeopathy, providing advanced medicines which may achieve more complete, fast- acting relief by helping the body in four ways: symptom relief, metabolic support, immune system support, detoxification.


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