Natural Sources – Raw Adrenal – 60 CapsulesExplore What Raw Adrenal Can Do For YouThe adrenal gland is responsible for secreting hormones that play crucial functions in the body. Some adrenal functions. For example, when you are under a great deal of stress, it is the adrenal gland that begins to produce hormones at a faster pace than usual. The hormones are meant to counter stress. Unfortunately, it isn?t possible for the glands to keep this pace. This is due to the nutrients required for the gland to keep functioning at an increased pace. Raw Adrenal aims to assist the adrenal gland and assist with the symptoms related to stress, fatigue, depression, and more.Common Uses for Adrenal ExtractsPeople often use adrenal extracts to assist with the symptoms of a wide range of conditions. Often, adrenal extracts are taken in order to assist with stress that impacts the emotions or the body. In addition to stress, it is common for people to take adrenal extracts when they are looking to combat the symptoms of fatigue and inflammation. Though much of the evidence surrounding adrenal extracts is anecdotal, people will use the extracts to counter the symptoms of everything from allergies to depression.Sourcing Adrenal ExtractsAdrenal extracts are normally sourced from healthy animals. Natural Sources Raw Adrenal sources its ingredients from bovine that have grazed on pesticide-free grasslands. The raw tissue concentrates themselves come from lyophilized glands that are free of any toxins. The adrenal extracts have also been tested to ensure the animals are free of growth hormones, chemical additives, and antibiotics. This helps to provide a clean, effective formula that will be able to assist you along your way to wellness.


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