OverviewNutricology – Ox Bile Essential for Fat Digestion 500 mg. – 100 Vegetable Capsule(s)sAn Ox Bile Supplement to Promote Healthy Fat DigestionNutricology Ox Bile is a unique dietary supplement formulated to support the liver?s production of bile and promote healthy fat digestion. The Nutricology Ox Bile formula is made from a natural bovine source that has been freeze dried to ensure high quality biological activity. Nutricology Ox Bile is also known to support the liver?s production of bile, which is already naturally produced. However, the body?s production of bile can fluctuate, resulting in problems with constipation and tan colored stool. The best way to improve the secretion of bile is to take Ox Bile! When taking a Nutricology Ox Bile with a meal, the supplement may help breakdown the food more and stimulate bile acids in the bloodstream.Promotes Healthy Digestion of FatsSustains Energy ProductionEnhances Nutrient AbsorptionSupports the Liver?s Production of BileMade From a Freeze Dried Bovine Source To Preserve Biological ActivityDietary SupplementContains 500 mg of Bile Per ServingFor Adults Experiencing Constipation and Looking to Support Fat DigestionArtificial Colors FreePreservatives, Artificial Flavors & Artificial Dye FreeWho Is NutriCology?Since 1979, Nutricology has been creating high quality, hypoallergenic products by using only the most pure, raw ingredients available. NutriCology goes above and beyond to ensure the superior quality of their product by strictly inspecting all materials, manufacturing, packaging and sorting processes before they are shipped out the door. NutriCology has been a trusted brand by medical professionals to give to their patients for nutritional support for over 35 years and counting. Their in-house research team continues to make new developments and breakthroughs in creating the alternative health markets leading products to support overall health.NutriCology main goal is to continue to improve their technology in their certified facilities to enhance product delivery, absorbance and efficiency to provide you with the latest and best nutritional support for your body.NutriCology Hypoallergenic PromiseHypoallergenic products are, under the Taber?s Medical Dictionary, free of common allergens such as corn, soy, gluten, yeast, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts. Whenever possible, NutriCology uses low allergy potential, all natural ingredients so that the potential for allergic reaction is low, and their customers can enjoy the full potential of their products without harmful side effects. When an ingredient may contain even the slightest trace of a common allergen, NutriCology is required by law to list that allergan directly on the label, even if the product doesn?t actually contain the substance.What are the Benefits of Ox Bile?Bile is a yellow-green substance that is made by the liver and stored in your gallbladder. After eating food containing fat, it stimulates the gallbladder to release the stored bile into your digestive tract, where it mixes with our food. Ox Bile is extract from the bile of an ox. Since the extract comes from another mammal, it replicates many of the digestive enzymes and nutrients that we need to digest our food properly. Bile plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy metabolism of fatty foods such as dairy, oils and meat. Bile also contains important body salts, minerals and even some cholesterol. Taking an Ox Bile supplement almost acts as a biological detergent in the body. It can help promote the digestion of fats and treat nausea, upset stomachs and diarrhea. You should take Ox Bile if you are experiencing frequent constipation and tan colored stool. These symptoms indicate that the body?s production of bile is less than average.


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