Yes, Aspirin is the ‘Wonder Drug’ – but it can also cause stomach problems, liver damage, and kidney issues. So the question is…is there a natural alternative? Phenocane is a natural COX2 inhibitor that doesn’t inhibit COX1 development like aspirin does. In layman’s terms, it prevents the production of an enzyme which is bad for you – without inhibiting the growth of one that is good for you. In fact, COX2 enzymes may contribute to cancer, and they help sustain PGE1 (Prostaglandin) – the secretion that causes inflammation and the pain that results from it. Phenocane is a safe, popular alternative to aspirin…when you need quick pain relief, but without the harmful side effects of Aspirin and other lab-generated pain relievers. And its ingredients are natural, of course…such as Curcumin, harvested from the Ginger plant, which makes up Turmeric:According to the USDA Nutrient Database, a one-ounce serving (28g) of Turmeric provides:1. 24% of the adult Recommended Daily Allowance of Fiber2. 64% of the RDA for Iron3. 12% of the RDA for Vitamin CHealth benefits of these nutrients:1. Dietary Fiber is necessary for digestive health2. Vitamin C is crucial to health, well-known as a natural antioxidant


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