• Eggshell membrane naturally contains a vast wealth of gylcosaminoglycans, glycoproteins, hexamines, etc. – Studies have shown Natural Eggshell Membrane to improve joint comfort and flexibility
  • Polygonum Multiflorum helps strengthen the Kidney and Liver Systems AND the Blood, thus helping maintain the fluids that help lubricate the joints and keep cartilage moist and pliable
  • Boswellia Serrata Extract – The “reigning king” of Boswellia extracts – Clinical studies have shown that Boswellia Serrata Extract supports joint comfort, function, and mobility
  • Codyceps is a vastly important tonic to the Kidney System and Lungs – Strengthens the lower back, the knees, and the ankles – It is used to alleviate backache to injury, fatigue, stress, or simple aging
  • White Peony Root rebuilds the energies and integrity of the Liver System – It is said to calm cramps and spasms anywhere in the body, and is thought to provide support for leg and foot cramps


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