OverviewQuantum Health – Super Lysine Plus Liquid Extract – 2 fl. oz. (60 mL)The Super Lysine+ Liquid Extract contains a formula similar to the Super Lysine+ Tablets, with the addition of Shiitake Mushroom extract. It?s ideal for those who prefer liquid supplementation instead of tablets, or for anyone who wants to benefit from the power of shiitake mushroom extract. These unique immune health ingredients are combined in strategic doses to create an ideal immune support formula.L-Lysine ? The feature ingredient known to promote oral health through influencing arginine activityEchinacea ? Botanical found to support a healthy immune response, especially at the start of an immune system challengeShiitake Mushroom ? A powerful immune strengthening botanical with centuries of usePropolis ? A rich resin produced by bees to protect their hives; provides powerful antioxidant support when taken as a supplementLicorice Root ? Traditional botanical now known to demonstrate helpful antioxidant effectsGoldenseal Leaf ? Supports optimal immune response and functionSuper Lysine+ Liquid Extract is best used periodically at times of immune system challenge. Some health professionals suggest that immune health blends containing goldenseal should not be used on a daily long-term basis.


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