Quantum Health – Super Immune Plus Power Formula – 90 Vegetarian CapsulesGeneral Immune Support For Better Well-BeingHaving a weak immune system means that the body is prone to developing diseases from the slightest infection. Improving the immune system can be achieved through a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. But more than these tips, it is also important to take in the right supplement. However, there are different kinds of supplements that are available in the market. But if one is looking for a supplement for general immune support, Quantum Health?s Super Immune Plus Power Formula is a good option. Backed by science Comes with adaptogenic properties May help improve the immune system Made from natural ingredients Contains Lysine, Astragalus Root, and Olive leaf Dosage is 3 capsules dailyMade From Natural IngredientsThis supplement is made from natural ingredients. It contains 1,500 milligrams of Lysine (L-Lysine hydrochloride), 200 milligrams of Astragalus root, and 100 milligrams of Olive leaf extracts. These plant extracts are sourced from organic raw materials to ensure that they do not contain contaminants such as pesticides and other toxins that may compromise the health of the users. The company makes sure that the ingredients are of top quality. Moreover, the production of the supplement also follows strict quality control standards.General Immune SupportThe Quantum Health?s supplement is designed to provide general immune support. But more than improving the immune system, it can also provide other benefits. The ingredients used are not only restricted in boosting the immune system but they also contain compounds that may improve anti-inflammatory responses of the body. Astragalus, for instance, is a well-known longevity herb in traditional Chinese medicine while Olive oil is used to promote wound healing. In some studies, Astragalus is also known to improve the sexual health of both men and women.Immune Booster IngredientsThe ingredients used to make this supplement contain immune-boosting compounds. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for strengthening the immune system. What it does is that it adjusts the body?s chemistry making it less hospitable to pathogens. It affects the body?s acid and alkaline balance to fight off infection. Olive oil, on the other hand, has powerful antibacterial agents ? Calcium elenolate and Oleuropein.Adaptogenic PropertiesAnother interesting property of this supplement is that it has adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are compounds that are obtained from plants that can help the body resist different kinds of stressors. Adaptogens can help the adrenal glands be more adaptable to stress. The plant extracts work by interacting with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis that is involved with the stress response in the body. It can also influence the hormone production to ensure that your body does not produce too much stress hormone that can affect different physiological functions including the immune system responses.Backed Both By Science And Ancient MedicineThe herb Astragalus has been used in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. This is also true with the olive leaf extracts that have been used by people in the Mediterranean to improve their condition. This means that there is so many anecdotal evidence pointing out the efficacy of this particular ingredient. But aside from anecdotal evidence, the ingredients used in this supplement have been subjected to numerous tests to determine their efficacy and potency. The scientific studies involved in making this supplement cemented the important role of these ingredients in improving the immune system.


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