Sourced from Eastern Europe and Asia, Frontier Co-op Licorice Root is a great addition to sweeten any food or beverage delivering 30-50 times more sweetness than pure sugar. The very sweet flavor delivers a familiar taste that is in many foods and beverages across the globe.Whether it?s used in a drink or in a prepared food product, it’s the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. Licorice root has an aroma that is similar to sassafras, star anise, fennel, and tarragon. Often used as an ingredient to sweeten herbal tea blends for its perfect flavoring agent and aroma, licorice root is a great addition for cookies, fruit juices, syrups, DIY cosmetics, and more. Licorice root also makes a simple, healthy, and caffeine free tea that can be enjoyed at any point throughout your day.


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