Shikai – Natural Everyday?Conditioner – 12 oz. (355 ml)Shikai Natural Everyday?Conditioner is rich in botanical ingredients but not heavy on your hair. It contains borage oil which contains an omega-6 fatty acid that promotes healthy scalp and provides nourishment and shine to dry or damaged hair. Natural Everyday Conditioner will?help your hair stay healthy, manageable, and shiny. This nutrient-rich, light conditioner can be used every day with all Shikai shampoos. It provides manageable, easy comb-out, and a healthy shine.?It won’t weigh down hair, and can be used with all hair types. Use Daily for?Nourished, Shiny Hair and a Healthy Scalp Perfect for All Hair Types? Plant Based, Low Detergent & Extra Mild No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Testing Chemistry & NatureIn 1970, Dr. Dennis Sepp, an organic chemist, began exploring natural, ayurvedic ingredients for hair and skin care. As a scientist, Dr.Sepp knew that the natural world offered functional ingredients that were better and safer than conventional chemical ingredients. His first study was with shikakai (Acacia Concinna), a traditional Indian herbal used for cleansing the hair. He created a water soluble extract from shikakai powder that maintains the effectiveness of the ancient remedies. The result was Shikai shampoo, and the beginning of the Shikai natural products company. Shikai now manufactures more than 50 products, sold in premium markets all over the world.InnovationShikai products are unique, effective natural solutions. Using ancient ingredients like shikakai and the modern technology of omega-6 oil, Shikai has forged a new direction in both hair and skin care.Made With PrideShikai formulates their products based on scientific study and rigorous standards. They make their own botanical extracts and produce their products in their state of the art facility in Sonoma County, California. Using time tested formulas and modern technology, Shikai controls quality and standards from start to finish.


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