FEATURES: Serving Size: 2 tsp. (10 ml) Servings Per Container: 48 Purified Silver 0.3 mg Purified water Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives ITEM DESCRIPTION: Structured Silver SolutionpH Structured Silver is a new and improved form of silver. Unlike colloidal silvers or silver solutions of the past, pH Structured Silver is made using structured water and pure silver, providing ideal access to silver. It is pH balanced to match the human body: mild alkaline as a liquidas a liquid: 30 ppm structured silver solution for internal and topical use This 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) bottle covers over 3 weeks of general internal use (2 teaspoons twice per day). It is also the perfect size for adding to your suitcase, ensuring that your travels include as few surprises as possible! Thank You Silver is 99.999% pure water and 0.001% (10 parts per million) elemental silver.You read that correctly: it has only two ingredients, both 100% natural.Yet, it is remarkably effective, completely safe, and has fans around the world. Learn more about our unique structured silver solution here.


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