Chili flakes are from the Capsicum annuum species and are coarsely ground from whole red chili peppers. This particular variety, the Guntur chili, is cultivated in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Sprinkle the flakes in pizza, omelets, salsa, dips, dressings, and marinades for a medium spicy kick.Flavor profile & usesChili Pepper Flakes can add a richness of flavor and a medium heat, without being overwhelming. They can add flair to any American, Asian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cajun, and Creole cooking. Chili Pepper Flakes are the proper pepper to use when a recipe calls for the ingredient “red pepper flakes”. You can add the flakes to salsa, avocado dip, taco and enchilada sauces, vegetable dips, dressings, chili, pizza, and omelets for an extra zesty flavor. You can even spice up a meat marinade or barbeque sauce with a shake of Chili Flakes. Makes a delicious dipping sauce for bread when the flakes are infused in olive oil. They are also often used as a table condiment, adding a pleasant heat and attractive appearance to any dish.How is the heat determined for Cayenne & Chili Peppers?The Scoville scale is a measurement of the spicy heat of the cayenne and chili peppers, as reported in Scoville heat units (S.H.U. or H.U.), due to the capsaicin concentration. The substances that give the peppers their intensity when ingested are capsaicin and the related compounds known as capsaicinoids. The greater amount of these compounds there are in the chili, the hotter it is.


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