Organic cocoa butter body moisturizer for dry skin and scalp, stretch marks and more. Gentle enough for the face?s more delicate skin, Life-flo Pure Organic Cocoa Butter offers clean, lasting hydration for dry skin, and is perfect for all-over care. Known for its powerful moisturizing properties and light chocolate scent, this unrefined butter helps replenish and maintain your skin?s natural moisture barrier for a fresher, more youthful appearance.Packed with nourishing fatty acids, Cocoa Butter helps improve texture and plump the skin for a firmer look and feel. In addition, its high content of antioxidant vitamin E helps protect skin from damaging free radicals and makes Cocoa Butter an excellent after-sun moisturizer for the entire family. Try it on heels, knees, elbows and other areas prone to dryness for powerful hydration, or apply it directly to scars and stretch marks to soften them.Like all Life-flo products, our Pure Cocoa Butter is lab verified for purity and potency. Perfect for dry skin, and great for all over use, Pure Organic Cocoa Butter makes an ideal, all-purpose moisturizer. Try it today!


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