Healthy energy, blood flow and more radiant skin — enjoy all the support of this powerful B vitamin!A niacin derivative, niacinamide offers niacin’s powerful health benefits in a vegetarian capsule Niacin is a necessary nutrient for the normal breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Niacinamide may help support healthy energy metabolism, blood flow, cardiovascular and nerve function and more vibrant, glowing skin. An excellent addition to your supplement regimen, this flush-free form of vitamin B-3 is formulated to not cause the vasodilation associated with taking niacin, which makes the skin turn temporarily red and warm to the touch.Part of the Solaray line of innovative products for radiant health, our Niacinamide 500mg is non-GMO, vegan and responsibly manufactured. And like all Solaray products, it’s always lab verified for purity and potency, so you know it’s better and goes to work fast to Live Brighter!


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