You know a strong, vibrant immune system is key to your good health. Our early defense formula gets ahead of the curve with powerful ongoing support to Let Your Best Self Shine!Packed with vital nutrients, Solaray Under the Weather Plus brings you a long list of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help maintain and support immune health and keep you feeling your best. Our herbal blend goes to work fast with garlic, echinacea, astragalus, ginger and other plant extracts thought to help support immune system health and function, while antioxidant vitamins, zinc and bioflavonoids from citrus fruits provide additional support. Elderberry, reishi mushrooms and propolis from bee colonies round out the powerful lineup for your glowing health.Like all Solaray products, Under the Weather Plus is lab tested for purity and potency, part of the Solaray commitment to better supplementation and pure, powerful ingredients to help your body shine!


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