NATURAL PROTECTIVE USED THROUGHOUT HISTORY: collodial silver liquid is known that microbes that could hurt the human body can not survive in the presence of silver. Renova Worldwide brings this age-old metal in a handy consumable form. Keep you and your loved ones fit and safe with our nano silver solution.
SILVER GIVEN NEW FORM: Worried that it is a far cry from other colloidal silver solutions? Silver Spectrum Nano-Liquid Solution | liquid silver is powered by the patented and highly researched SilverSol Technology. This technology allows the silver particles to be far more effective while also exiting the body within 24 hours, ensuring no residual build-up. It?s A Better Way!
CONTAINS ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS : 10 ppm of 99.999% pure silver & pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Each dose contains 98%+ positively charged bioactive silver ions/nanoclusters for optimal absorption
HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE PRODUCTS FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: We designed our sovereign silver products for maximum bioavailability. In other words, the moment you take them, your body recognizes and utilizes them almost immediately. Remember, it’s not what you take; it’s what you absorb.
HIGHEST QUALITY : We use state of the art equipment to manufacture our ionic silver, making sure to provide only the highest quality silver solution, yielding the tiniest particles possible.


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