Heritage Store – Palma Christi Wool Flannel 12″ x 27″ (30 x 68 cm)Heritage Wool Flannel pure, unbleached wool flannel. A richly textured, heavy quality fabric used for castor oil packs. Its weight and strength allow it to be reused many times. Comprehensive instructions for preparation and use of castor oil packs are included. Eco Friendly Cruelty Free High Quailty Rich TextureThe Heritage Commitment Heritage StoreFor over 41 years the Heritage has offered quality products for your health, beauty and wellness at affordable prices.??Heritage’s unique holistic approach to wellness provide natural solutions to your health, skin and hair care needs. Many of our Heritage labeled products are gluten free. And, you can shop with confidence with their “Money Back Guarantee.”Complete supplier of Edgar Cayce Products Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)Edgar Cayce is the world’s most documented psychic. He is know as the “Father of Holistic Medicine” because of the pioneering information he gave in his more than 14,000 readings. Edgar Cayce always encouraged manufactures to improve their products. At the heritage store they have done this with a number of products while maintaining and following the basic formulas and principles from the readings.Purity and ManufacturingHeritage emphasize purity, quality and synergy above all. They adhere to the strictest manufacturing guidelines in order to provide the highest quality products. They screen ingredients and finished products multiple times to ensure the they ship only the purest, most effective products to their satisfied customer friends. Eco- friendly and cruelty-free, they never test on animals.


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